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What is a Calculator?
Casey FX-99 1 It's Calculator

Photo: My new Casio Calculator, a FX-99 1 ES is a huge "natural display" that can display the entire equation can also be Calcus! Below are the large dark brown buttons and the main operator (+, -, ×, ÷, =, etc.). The light blue button above them completes a complete set of scientific calculations in one click. The gray square in the upper right is a solar cell that operates the machine with a small button battery.

Our brain is surprisingly versatile, but it is difficult to count in the mind because it can only store these numbers. According to psychologist George Miller in the 1950s, according to the famous bit, we can usually in the form of 5-9 points (or Miller: "magic number seven plus zero or two") remember our pain in the brain and remember. That is why people have been using accessories to help their calculations since ancient times. In fact, the term calculator comes from the Latin calculator, which means the stones are counted with stones.

Deciumo Wetman Calculator from the 70s

Photo: What was this computer in the 70's? Very easy 8-digit green display (this is called a vacuum fluorescent display) and a relatively small number of mathematical functions (you can actually + -, ÷, square root and percentage). What you can not see in this picture is how much fat and calculator the calculator was and how big the battery was. Modern computers are very advanced, much cheaper and more battery batteries are needed.

By the end of the 20th century, mechanical calculators (gear and liver) were widely used in the late 19th century. At that time, the first economic electronic calculator appeared, thanks to the development of silicon microchips in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Computers are very common in computers: they have the same history and work of the same story, but there is one main difference: the calculator is fully computer-controlled when it's multi-tasking job to catch the whole series of jobs, the mathematics is driven by the machine for which programming is possible. In summary, the computer is programmable and not the calculator. (A programmable calculator is somewhere between two: it can be programmed, but only for relatively simple math calculations.)

What is a computer?
If you remove the 19th century machine, you had to take hundreds of pieces: many precision gears, pipettes, chopsticks and liver, to Greece, and when you have a key, click rotate and turn the number. But you can disconnect a modern electronic computer (when I see one, I can not resist screw lift!) And you may be disappointed, how much you can find. If you want to talk to your parents, then I do not recommend this to your brand new school computer. You can find here below:

The labeled calculator with all major parts
Caption: Within FX-570, which is hidden here. We look at the machine effectively below.
Do not worry, I've got it back!

Input: Keyboard: Below 40 small plastic buttons are a rubber strip and a touch-sensitive circuit below.
Processor: Microchip that works harder. It works like hundreds of thousands of devices on the original computer.
Output: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to display the number and results of your calculation.
Power Source: Long Life Battery (my thin lithium button which lasts for many years). Some computers have solar cells that give power to daylight.
And that's about it!

What happens when you press the key?
Press one of the numerical keys on your computer, and the sequence of items will appear in the succeeding sequence:

As soon as you press hard plastic, press the rubber strip below. It has a little tramp line with just a few rubber buttons underneath each button and hollow spot below. When you press a button, press the rubber button directly on the art.
Rubber keyboard membrane above
Photo: Keyboard membrane. To give you a concept of scale I have put the key on the art. Each button below has a rubber button directly. Read more about our computer keyboards in our article.